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In addition to keeping up to date with our article publications, we recommend all aspiring healthcare innovators to stay informed about the discourse in healthcare innovation by reading the articles below.

  1. Why Innovation in Healthcare is So Hard
    In an article published by the Harvard Business Review, Regina Herzlinger cites three important ways to innovate in healthcare, the six players involved in driving change, and potential barriers that exist along the way.

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  2. What Drives Innovation in Healthcare

    Dr. John R. Kimberly, a professor at Wharton School of Business, describes his research with the Mack Institute at Penn on innovation in healthcare. Kimberly has found that more and more hospitals and medical centers are creating a new position called Chief Innovation Officer (CIO) and the position is generally given to those who aren’t exposed to the medical field, but rather the business field.

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  3. What Innovation Means to Healthcare

    Dr. Jason Hwang at HealthLeadersMedia describes disruptive innovations that have improved the affordability and quality of care over the years. These innovations include: 1) online access to medical records; 2) shifting the care/treatment paradigm from physicians to other health professionals; 3) developing technology that eliminates the need for physician referrals.

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  4. 11 Biggest Innovations in Healthcare Technology in 2016

    This article cites the 11 biggest innovations in healthcare technology expected for 2016, ranging from tooth regeneration to remote patient monitoring.

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