We are a group of undergraduates wishing to inspire and innovate at an early age.

Healthcare Innovators is an organization that began as the culmination of ideas from four Georgetown University undergraduates enrolled in various fields of study: medicine, health care management, nursing, and finance. We are dedicated to improving student understanding of the innovation process as it relates to healthcare. We recognized we are encouraged to innovate but we often do not know how, especially in extremely technical fields such as healthcare. We wish to create change without emphasizing the advanced educational requirements.

Research indicates improved health outcomes mandate disruptive innovations in every industry linked to health care, from medicine, to policy, to banking. Our goal is to connect these different fields and create a multi-dimensional outlook for undergraduates and graduates seeking to pursue a disruptive and innovative career in health. We promote a powerful interdisciplinary dialogue between students and professionals through a networking and mentorship platform via an online network, published articles, interviews, and symposiums.